Feasibility study (HyExpert) in the city of Essen

As winner of the HyExperts funding program, the city of Essen has entrusted us, Hydrogentle GmbH, as part of a consultant consortium, with the development of a feasibility study for an H2 ecosystem in Essen. The overall goal of the study is to promote the development of a local hydrogen infrastructure in Essen with public transport as a nucleus for further projects. Following up on projects that already deal with the application of H2, the study identifies further project approaches to ensure an infrastructure build-up and an optimal use of synergies, thus supporting the overall economic viability of the projects. Our focus is to identify the H2 demand in the mobility sector. In addition, an implementable project outline will be developed to demonstrate vehicle ramp-up as well as refueling options for a company. Foto: EWG