Marcel Frohreich

Hydrogentle GmbH is a member of the Renewable Energies Hamburg network

We can already look back on many successful projects related to green hydrogen. Among other things, we considered maritime H2 applications, conceptualized intermodal H2 usage options and designed various H2 generation and refueling systems. Through our subsidiary, H2Go GmbH, we create emission-free logistics solutions and are now even better networked in Hamburg. We look forward to […]

Visit to the DM distribution center in Wustermark

On November 4th 2021, a high-level meeting of the EHI Retail Institute took place in Berlin. We feel honored to be able to present the current developments around hydrogen as an energy carrier in logistics. Thank you for the very interesting exchange, the organization and the insights into the DM distribution center in Wustermark, which we were […]

Participation in the 1st hydrogen day in the Hanover region

The 1st hydrogen day in the Hanover region took place last Friday. 130 guests were allowed to be present at “Schloss Herrenhausen” when the new network of the Hanover region, “Generation-H2”, was presented. We were also there and were able to present our projects on the subject of hydrogen generation, storage and use. Many thanks […]

H2Ecosystem Essen: Consortium led by nymoen Strategieberatung identifies potentials and transformation paths for a regionally shaped hydrogen ecosystem

In the industrial and mobility sectors, in particular, the use of green hydrogen also has the economic potential for considerable CO2 savings in the city of Essen. This is shown by the feasibility study by the consortium consisting of nymoen Strategieberatung, BBH Consulting AG (BBHC), Hydrogentle, and con | energy agency. The results are trendsetting […]

Successful presentation of the feasibility study of the #H2Ecosystem Essen

The colleagues from conenergy agentur GmbH, nymoen|strategieberatung gmbh and BBH Consulting presented the results of the feasibility study of the HyExpert program together with us. In 1.5 hours, project sketches and hydrogen ramp-up plans were presented and explained at the Digital Campus Zollverein e.V.. #hydrogen #HyLand #ruhrgebiet

Hydrogentle GmbH has moved

After three successful years in Harburg Habour, we moved to new offices in Hamburgs Hafen-City on 01.09.2021. Across from the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, we can look forward to modern office space that is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and is ideally suited for the balancing act between home office and working in the […]

Feasibility study (HyExpert) in the city of Essen

As winner of the HyExperts funding program, the city of Essen has entrusted us, Hydrogentle GmbH, as part of a consultant consortium, with the development of a feasibility study for an H2 ecosystem in Essen. The overall goal of the study is to promote the development of a local hydrogen infrastructure in Essen with public […]

Wilhelmshaven – HyExpert application: accompanied by Hydrogentle GmbH:

The economic development agency of the city of Wilhelmshaven assigned Hydrogentle GmbH to accompany the Wilhelmshaven-Friesland region in its application for HyExpert funding. Part of our tasks was to contribute technical expertise to the development of an initial concept. In addition, we were able to reach, inform and activate numerous stakeholders in the region through […]