H2Ecosystem Essen: Consortium led by nymoen Strategieberatung identifies potentials and transformation paths for a regionally shaped hydrogen ecosystem

In the industrial and mobility sectors, in particular, the use of green hydrogen also has the economic potential for considerable CO2 savings in the city of Essen. This is shown by the feasibility study by the consortium consisting of nymoen Strategieberatung, BBH Consulting AG (BBHC), Hydrogentle, and con | energy agency. The results are trendsetting for the entire hydrogen infrastructure planning in the Ruhr area. and form the conceptual framework for the concrete H2 projects in Essen.

For the preparation of the study, the experts from nymoen Strategieberatung, BBHC, Hydrogentle, and con | energy agency identified a total of 18 concrete project approaches, which were evaluated using various scenarios. With a view to the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy in Essen and the necessary infrastructure development, the consortium partners finally highlighted the most important milestones.

Projects to convert their respective fleets to vehicles with fuel cell technology are being implemented, particularly at the Essen waste disposal companies and the Ruhrbahn. In the course of the retrofitting, up to 2,530 tons of CO2 should be saved annually from 2025, and this trend will increase sharply in the following years. In addition, Hydrogentle defined and examined various refueling scenarios for the starter project of the waste disposal company in Essen, which have potential refueling options tailored to their fleet conversion.

In addition to the electrolysis capacities within the city limits of Essen, the consortium identified two other sources of supply for the required hydrogen. “Generation capacities are already being developed and built in the surrounding regions, and we are also striving to connect an H2 pipeline. Only through this cooperation and the merger in the agglomeration of the Ruhr area is the efficient implementation of green hydrogen in the region possible. ” Håvard Nymoen from nymoen strategy consultancy.

The methodological approach to the preparation of the study was recorded in a manual, which municipal partners should use as a blueprint for the preparation of similar studies. The study results and the manual are available at www.ewg.de/wasserstoff