Month: August 2021

Feasibility study (HyExpert) in the city of Essen

As winner of the HyExperts funding program, the city of Essen has entrusted us, Hydrogentle GmbH, as part of a consultant consortium, with the development of a feasibility study for an H2 ecosystem in Essen. The overall goal of the study is to promote the development of a local hydrogen infrastructure in Essen with public […]

Wilhelmshaven – HyExpert application: accompanied by Hydrogentle GmbH:

The economic development agency of the city of Wilhelmshaven assigned Hydrogentle GmbH to accompany the Wilhelmshaven-Friesland region in its application for HyExpert funding. Part of our tasks was to contribute technical expertise to the development of an initial concept. In addition, we were able to reach, inform and activate numerous stakeholders in the region through […]