Hydro Ingenieur

We develop, realize and operate highly complex projects. To do that, we often have to find new approaches to solve the demand. We create new business cases for new challenges and always have one thing in mind:

Our projects have to be profitably and create sustainable value.

We use the most advanced technology on the market, combine them intelligently and create unique business cases that are ahead of time.

Our Portfolio

  • Consulting
  • Project Development
  • Turn-Key Realization
  • Financing and Operation
icon projektentwicklung

Project development

  • Location-in/dependent plants for H2 production
  • Direct use of H2 or derivatives e.g. ammonia
  • Wind and/or solar power
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Development of perspectives and regions

  •  Identification and development of value chains

Commercial vehicle logistics ecosystem

  • Zero Emission heavy duty truck or bus solutions
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Intra logistics
  • Digitalization

Maritime mobility

  • Development of H2-Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Digitalization
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  • Consulting
  • Project management
  • Realization
  • Business creation